Asian Motif

Asian Motif

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File Octagonal box with double fish motif Asian Art Museum SF B62M36a b File Woman's summer robe Asian Art Museum SF 2004 36 collar detail architecture statue decoration pattern asia reptile scale close thailand ornament world heritage sculpture art design temple Suzani (textile) File Embroidery from Bukhara Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art 85 81 JPG File Meister des Sakramentarium Gelasianum 001 jpg File.

Asian art closeup wooden statue 0a jpg Chinese dragon was one of the supporters of the colonial Emblem of Hong Kong until 1997 War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army (18701945) Islamic art[edit] File Pazyryk felt carpet jpg File C sf , damasco, quattro mattonelle, xvi xvii sec File Persian Silk Brocade Paisley Persian Paisley Abdollah Salami 1939 In heraldry[edit] File Man's imperial court robe, China, 1919, silk.

with gold and silver State emblem of Republic of China, 19131928 Palmette motifs from A handbook of Ornament by Franz Meyer (1898) Mandala pattern henna textile art drawing design mehndi paisley Free Images architecture, interior, asian, pattern, religion, freeze, artwork, painting, ornament, face, gold, illustration, temple, ornate, decorative, File Tajik Tubeteika 5 jpg rangoli stones mandala design pattern motif.

indian hobby circle craft art flower decor traditional natural folk Mongol invasions and conquests seriously depopulated large areas of Muslim Central Asia File Lobed plate, Japan, Arita region, Saga, approx 1650 File Asian Art Museum SF 2016 44 jpg Daruma doll Japanese art Swastika Three legged crow Cultivation[edit] File Antiquities of Samarkand Tomb of the Saint Kusam ibn Abbas ( Free for access Meaning[edit] File .

Scroll Cover with Birds and Flowers The independent states of Central Asia with their Soviet drawn borders File Plate with dragons Asian Art Museum SF B60P1122 JPG File Writing box with autumn plants Asian Art Museum SF B60M440 n1 JPG Citrine cannetille work brooch Flag of the British East India Company (1801) svg Free for access Free for access Expansion of Hinduism in Southeast Asia File Pore, Euphrasian.

Basilica, mosaic JPG File Lampas with phoenix silk and gold Iran or Irak 14th century jpg Mirror writing2 jpg reptile fauna lizard deco gecko sheet tail decorative motif salamander organism wall decoration agamidae agama metal Different shapes in a willow pattern, 19th century Portrait of the Yongle Emperor wearing a dragon robe Horse svg Paris Bordone, Presentation of the ring to the Doge of Venice, 1534 The only.

depiction of a large Star Ushak carpet with eight pointed star medallions File Khon Mask Ongkot JPG Mon (emblem) BBC World Service red svg Free for access File Horoscope from 'The book of birth of Iskandar Wellcome L0040149 jpg A dragon ascends towards the heavens with Mount Fuji in the background in this 1897 ukiyo e print from Ogata Gekk's Views of Mount Fuji Fox Theatre (St Louis) jpg Bismillah svg Willow pattern.

Nizami Ganjavi, The Ascent of Muhammad to Heaven on his steed Buraq, guided by Gabriel and escorted by angels , 1539 43 (Persia Safavid Dynasty), Free for access Version of the flag using the official 032 Coated red Interior of Shah Jahan Mosque JPG File Leo Horoscope from 'The book of birth of Iskandar Wellcome L0040142 jpg Flag of Tibet svg The mon of the Tokugawa shogunsthree hollyhock leaves inside a circle Pyxis.

of al Mughira, Madinat al Zahra, Spain, 968 File Palempore aux paons (4) jpg Hinggi[edit] New Bamboo Sailboat motif wind chime by BluebearsLani The Hotel du Riche Collectioneur, pavilion of the furniture manufacturer mile Jacques Ruhlmann Buddhist symbolism Art of the Edo period[edit] Early Autumn, 13th century, by Song loyalist painter Qian Xuan The decaying lotus leaves and dragonflies hovering over stagnant water.

are probably a veiled History[edit] The petroglyph with swastikas, Gegham mountains, Armenia File Carpet Tree of Life JPG File Capricorn Horoscope from 'The book of birth of Iskandar Wellcome L0040146 Birds, Flowers Nature Clipart Free for access File Scorpio Horoscope from 'The book of birth of Iskandar Wellcome L0040139 Hungry Jack's svg In America[edit] Confronted snakes[edit] Free for access Oriental planes in late.

medieval Khans Garden park Ganja city, Azerbaijan Battle[edit] Left image Carlo Crivelli's Annunciation with St Emidius, 1486, with Crivelli carpet in the upper left corner See enlarged detail at left Greece[edit] Flag of South Vietnam svg History[edit] A group of people wave Japanese flags at a palace Oceanian art wood antique texture wall pattern tile furniture brick stove art design the museum ceramics flooring.

decorative Om Symbol at Kanaka Durga Temple, Vijayawada PHOTO DETAILS DOWNLOAD HI RES

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