Large French Posters

Large French Posters

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Thophile Steinlen's 1896 poster advertising a tour to other cities ( coming soon ) of the Le Chat Noir's troupe of cabaret entertainers Caricature of the bottom half length of a soldier with metal rings fastened about the A Canadian recruiting poster Poster by Faria for La poule aux oeufs d'or (1905), a.

French silent film directed by Gabriel Moreau (?) and Gaston Velle for Path Frres American propaganda poster from the Philippines depicting the crucified soldier The same poster in English, with subtle differences in text The French version roughly translates as 'Everyone can serve' and 'Let's buy victory.

bonds ' J M Flagg's 1917 poster was based on the original British Lord Kitchener poster of three years earlier It was used to recruit soldiers for both World War A poster from an event to raise funds for captured and wounded soldiers at the Htel de Ville (1916) Circus Frauentag 1914 Heraus mit dem.

Frauenwahlrecht theatre poster listing names of author, composer and star File RedCrossNursen File 1899 Ringling Bros Poster loc at0140 16a United States Navy recruitment poster from 1918 Note the appeal to patriotism (Digitally restored) Ben hur 1959 poster File Affiche TL pour Le Matin Au pied de.

l'chafaud Printer, c 1918); col lithograph; 91 x 67 2 cm National Library of Australia Lindsay produced a number of propaganda and recruiting posters and cartoons Poster for The Chap Book by Will H Bradley (1895) De Gaulle rallies the Free French Poster by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, featuring St.

George and the Dragon File Peterloo poster File John Wilkes Booth wanted poster File Concours Lpine 1910 American World War I era poster in Yiddish Translated caption Food will win the war You came here seeking freedom, now you must help to preserve it Nineteenth century wanted poster for John Wilkes Booth.

(the assassin of U S President Abraham Lincoln) printed with lead and woodcut type, File Oscar Walter (Ossip Ivanovich Walter ) (8073775135) White poster with black and red lettering Title at top of poster Visual image A newly featured picture is a poster for The Mummy, a 1932 horror film directed by Karl.

Freund and released by Universal Studios Predominantly green poster with white lettering Title at top of poster Visual image is Poster for Grafton Galleries by Eugne Grasset (1893) Inter war period recruitment poster this poster features an apparently average and conservatively dressed woman who might also pose.

a threat The We Can Do It! poster was produced during WWII but wasn't that popular until the 1960s Multicolor poster with white lettering, depicting a woman standing outside a bar or dance hall Propaganda poster in North Korea Predominantly red poster with yellow lettering Initial title phrase at top of poster.

Visual Plan 9 from Outer Space, 1959 File Villers sur Mer Affiche publicitaire Multicolor poster with red and white lettering Initial title phrase at top of poster Poster for Chicago World's Fair (1933) File Belle Jardinire Vtements File 1850 Perthes Map of France Geographicus France perthes 1850 British.

recruiting poster picturing damage from German naval artillery to a civilian house No 2 Wykeham Street, Scarborough four people were killed in World War I recruitment poster A poster circa 2000 concerning cannabis in the United States A Coca Cola advertisement from the 1890s Pullman advertising poster, 1894.

Minstrel_PosterBillyVanWare_edit Paul von Hindenburg (1914) von Nicola Perscheid Lobby cards Reception The Puck Magazine illustration of The Awakening illustrated the spreading reach and enlightened goals of the suffrage movement five years before WPA poster advertising Port of Philadelphia (1937) Poster for.

Gismonda by Alphonse Mucha (1894) Gallery A nude woman standing on a beach Montpellier The Mantra Rock Dance promotional poster featuring the Grateful Dead Alfons Mucha LOC 3c05828u PHOTO DETAILS DOWNLOAD File After the war a medal and maybe a job2 May 1915 poster by E J Kealey, from the Parliamentary.

Recruiting Committee White poster with black lettering and color photo image Image shows R2 D2 and Crowds of French patriots line the Champs Elysees edit2 Personal flag of Philippe Ptain, Chief of State of Vichy France (Chef de l'tat Franais) 193639 See America poster promoting National Parks tourism The.

Cross of Lorraine, chosen by General Charles de Gaulle as the symbol of the Resistance Silence=Death poster The French capture of the Russian positions around Sevastopol brought the end of the Crimean War Legacy Poster for the 2009 Israeli Apartheid Week, designed by Carlos Latuff The artist's daughter.

Jaroslava, 1920s File Freedman's bureau Official program of the Woman Suffrage Parade of 1913 In the actual march, the woman on horseback was Inez Milholland File Excelsior Affiche1900 File 1652 Gomboust 9 Panel Map of Paris, France (c 1900 Taride reissue) Geographicus Paris gomboust 1900 Napoleon III and.

Abdelkader El Djezairi, Algerian military leader who led a struggle against the French invasion of Algeria PHOTO DETAILS DOWNLOAD The Queen, children, and the first mistresses The Kiss by Gustav Klimt (190708) Architectural decoration Investigation and salvage The specters of cholera, yellow fever, and smallpox.

recoil in fear as their way Engraving after Melton Prior of the Battle of Majuba Hill, for the Illustrated London News, 1881 Motto, L'esprit pionnier (French) PHOTO DETAILS DOWNLOAD Overhead view of assembly lines in large airplane factory Uncle Sam is a national personification of the United States The image.

bears resemblance to the real Samuel Wilson The female personification, primarily On a choppy sea, a large warship burns out of control The central ship File Edgar Degas A Group of Dancers Google Art Project Cousin Montauban leading French forces during the Anglo French expedition to China Grand opening of the.

first Dada exhibition International Dada Fair, Berlin, 5 June 1920 The central figure hanging from the ceiling was an effigy of a File Alfred Sisley 065 Victory parades (26 and 29 August) A chorus of disreputable men supports an anti suffrage woman in this 1915 cartoon from Puck magazine The caption I did not.

raise my girl to be a voter Napoleon III with the French forces at the Battle of Solferino, which secured the Austrian withdrawal from Italy He was horrified by the casualties, Peace sign svg File Paul Gauguin Breton Girls Dancing, Pont Aven Google Art Project

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